Ben Carson 2016

Ben Carson 2016

Sometimes it is important to get outside of your comfort zone. We had never done any work in the political world before the Carson team called us, but we are always up for a challenge in a new space. Our process allows us to intelligently create brands in any industry as our goal remains the same; determine the critical insight to focus on and build a compelling story using it.  It wasn't about being Democrats or Republicans (we have some of both here at OFB). This was about creating a unique and telling brand for a complex man in a very crowded party race.

Branding a person, especially in this case, is a slightly different challenge than a product. For Dr. Carson, we wanted to not simply tell the story of who he was in the past but what about his past determines what kind of politician he would be in the future.
The work started simply enough, we read all of his books. However, when we combined that with speaking engagements, news interviews and even a movie on his life (seriously it has Cuba Gooding Jr in it), we were suffering from information overload. Too much to say without the singular distinguishing message of who he would be to a nation of voters. It was not until we were able to meet Dr. Carson the nuances in his demeanor began to add a new perspective on all we had researched. All of the soundbites began to simplify into a few and simple principles. From these, we created the story and visual below.

Primary Election Brand Strategy & Aesthetics









General Election Brand Strategy & Aesthetics









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