Politics inspiring art.

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This post is not about politics. It's about how politics is inspiring artists and designers to create beautiful art.  With this years elections, many artists have shown their talent by creating very cool graphics of Barack Obama. Even the Obama Camp created an open submission called "Tees by the people for the people"where anybody can submit a t-shirt design and be part of history. It's amazing the amount of support that this campaign has gotten from the Art and design community to make it the most colorful campaign in history.

  • It's amazing that this particular man and what he stands for has inspired such art. Whether or not he will become president, you can already tell that Obama will be an important figure in history because he has inspired people so much that he will be immortalized in these art pieces.BRAD Ann

  • JP, do you know if any of these posters are for sale online? I would love to get Obama6...that one is AWESOME!BRAD Ben Jenkins

  • some of the posters are for sale on this site. https://www.upperplaygroundstore.com/catalog/search but unfortunately they don't have the one you like.BRAD jp



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