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I've never met marketing guru and author, Seth Godin, but he mentors me every day. I suppose 1000 people have mentored me via the web.  Somehow he manages to post a full thought every day of the week. I would highly suggest all marketers sign up for his newsletter. He takes a stance on all of his topics. Most post take about 15 seconds to read in your inbox. 
Here is a blurb from todays post. This is a stance I agree with. In our business for instance the diagnosis and research we do is not shooting for a comprehensive scientific market analysis. Instead we are learning up to the point where we find a recurring nugget of key insight about a customer, a market, a product that we can all believe in. We keep it 100% relevant. I hate fluff in research. 
Too much data leads to not enough belief
Business plans with too much detail, books with too much proof, politicians with too much granularity... it seems as though more data is a good thing, because data proves the case.
In my experience, data crowds out faith. And without faith, it's hard to believe in the data enough to make a leap. Big mergers, big VC investments, big political movements, large congregations... they don't usually turn out for a spreadsheet.
The problem is this: no spreadsheet, no bibliography and no list of resources is sufficient proof to someone who chooses not to believe. Read More...



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