OFB Designs Best Soccer Logo of All Time.

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OFB just executed maybe the "toughest" project in our 11 year history. "When you are designing a logo for a youth soccer team....well all I have to say is soccer moms are tough clients. So the pressure is on." said Ben Jenkins. "The last thing you want is soccer moms talking bad about you."
The OneFastBuffalo sponsored soccer team recently outgrew their old unis and it was time for an upgrade. "The goal really was to take youth soccer way too seriously and make the 5 year olds on the opposing teams feel poor and insignificant. If we shatter the ego of the other team before the game starts we have done our job. That should lead to a crushing defeat and years of therapy." said Jenkins with a wink followed by a thumbs up. 
See the video of the new jerseys in action.



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