Red Jak is "Re-Born"

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The first batch of Big Red Jak cans was produced at the Crown plant in Mississippi.
We recently were invited to visit the Crown plant in Northern Mississippi to see the first batch of Red Jak cans come off the line. The technology was amazing. Simple as that. We received a grand tour of the facility and learned all there is to know (or understand) about how aluminum beverage cans are made.
The process reminded us of a press-check at the printer, but with much bigger consequences. We had to make a few small adjustments on the press as expected but the engineers amazed us with their precision and enthusiasm for helping us attain the perfect can.
The big moment came when we saw the first pallet roll out of the dryer....a few thousand cans at once. A virtual Red Jak mountain. "I think I shed a small red tear when those little guys came down the line. Yet for some reason, I wanted to run full speed into the stack and form tackle them." said Ben Jenkins.



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