OFB 10th Anniversary Party Highlights

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OFB wants to thanks the more than 200 guests who came out for our holiday celebration marking 10 years in business. The party was a great success and went over 6 hours! It was great seeing so many old friends.   Thanks to all the people who organized this event and made it happen.

Thanks to our restaurant clients for the great food....El Fenix, Rockfish, Dean Fearings, Cowboy Chow, and Metropolitan Cafe. Thanks to Jennifer Morgan for the incredible art show. Thanks to La Reunion Texas for the exhibit. Thanks to Bunky Echo Hawk for the live painting show! Thanks to Deadman and Steve Collins for the incredible live music...they literally brought the house down.   

And most of all thanks to our special guests from NVision...Crystal and Bunky Echo hawk, Ryan Red Corn and Sterlin Harjo. Together we raised a good chunk of change to support NVision programs. The highlight of the evening was the traditional 49 songs offered by the NVision guys. This was unplanned and a surprise to the OFB team...and we really appreciate the gift.
Enjoy the pics...although we had so much fun we forgot to take pics so we had to pull some video stills...whoops!



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