Jennifer Cross

Small time country living gives you personal balance, and I would rather be on a beach than somewhere with a roof.  I dream about design, eat to much Sonic, and like beer like no woman should.  I have a 24" Imac, but for some reason do all my work in random places with my MacBook Pro?  I don't leave home without some good blues, and actually know how to change my own tire as well as my oil, and was told on a high school Army issue job testing that I should either be a mechanic or an Art teach (hears to choosing a version of the latter)!  I'm inspired by country roads, hand drawn type, rusted metal, and am a sucker for glossy high fashion mags.  Sounds like a contradiction right?  Well, you can't be a designer in todays society with out understanding your audience, even if they are a six foot, big blonde, that likes burning rubber in designer duds.

Armed with a new degree from the University of North Texas, and the honor of "Top Graphic Design Portfolio" going directly to my head, I feel ready to take on any kind of project, and enjoy working with everyone, be it big or small business.


Onefastbuffalo is Brand Strategy, Experience DesignDigital, and Launch Firm servicing the Hospitality & TravelRetail & RestaurantWine, Spirits & BeerFood & Beverage, and USA Manufactured Goods Industries. Our Mission is to handcraft brands that inspire a better human experience for us all. Better food, shelter, places, provisions, goods, moments, and causes that are worth talking about. Our craft is that of relentlessly forging the experiences that shape the world's perception of a brand. Hell, in many case we MAKE THE BRAND. We consider what we do a way of life, not just work. We believe making Art, things made to inspire that never existed before, is achieved by the dedicated practice of exploration & participation, followed by wholehearted creative focusWe live that practice everyday through our worklife and through our core offering, the OFB Brand Manufacturing Program, which leads clients on a full service journey of self discovery, exploration, and making.  Call us anything you like. A Brand Strategy, Design & Digital (Insert your favorite descriptor here…Branding Agency, Design Firm, Creative Consultancy, Interactive Agency, Design Factory, Creative Shop, Design Studio, Branding House). Any way you decide to tag us, we help clients build brands from scratch and love nothing more than to rip an old brand a new one.